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If you are a tenant residing in a house or an apartment built before 1978, you must be given lead hazard documents before signing a lease. Your property owner is required by federal law to provide educational materials about lead and lead safety.

Linked below are two registries of NH properties which have receieved HUD funds to repair lead hazards.

Lead-Safe Housing Registry - Manchester, NH

Lead-Safe Housing Registry-NHHFA Statewide (Some Manchester)

Here Are Your Rights As A Tenant:

Right of Inspection

Apartment Building 1Federal Law: If you are a tenant living in federally owned or subsidized housing you have a right to live in a lead-free environment.The inspection and removal of all lead hazards in these housing units is required by HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) under the Lead-Safe Housing Rule.

In Manchester, tenant resources can be found at the following agencies:

Lead screenings are available at the Manchester Health Department by appointment, Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM. Please call 603-624-6466 to make an appointment.

Rights Upon Moving In

Federal Law: Property owners are required to tell prospective tenants or buyers about any known lead hazards before they agree to buy or rent any property built before 1978. They are also required to provide the Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home document which states that lead hazards may exist. Prior to renting, please keep in mind that this law does not require property owners to inspect the property for lead.

Notifying Property Owners About Possible Lead In The Home

Apartments 2If tenants see signs of lead hazards (chipping, peeling, or flaking paint, etc. ) they should notify their property owner or property manager as soon as possible.

Federal Law: Property owners are required to give tenants a notice, asking them to report lead hazards (chipping, peeling, flaking or deteriorating paint, etc.) in federally owned or assisted housing unit(s) requiring ongoing lead-based paint maintenance.


Right Of Relocation During Lead Hazard Control

Federal Law: If a home is federally owned or receives any federal assistance (Section 8, tenant-based rental assistance or public housing for example) they must follow the federal regulations in HUD's Lead-Safe Housing Rule.

If a Property Owner Won't Address A Lead Problem

If you are a tenant and feel your property owner or manager is not meeting the requirements of federal law, or any other local city or state laws, you should contact your local state public health department or local housing authority.