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Contractor ToolsIf you are new to the Manchester Lead program, or would just like to update yourself about the Manchester Lead Program, please read our welcome letter.

As a contractor, you play a vital role in helping to prevent lead exposure. Traditional renovation work creates lead dust which can cause lead poisoning in children, pregnant women, yourself, other workers and even pets. By following lead-safe work practices you can minimize and contain lead dust, help prevent lead hazards while reducing your liability.

If you are a renovator who is not planning on completing lead abatement on a property, and are instead looking for EPA Certification in RRP methods to ensure that any lead-disturbing construction activities you may perform do not create health hazards, please visit the EPA web site for details on training and certification.

If you are seeking information or training in lead abatement methods and wish to participate in the Manchester Lead Program, please visit the New Hampshire Department of Heath and Human Services web site. This site will provide details on currently certified workers and contractors, and will also provide certified training firms. You must hold a current lead abatement license to work with our program. Once you are certified, you can submit a prequalification application to our program for review. **We are prequalifying additional lead abatement contractors on a rolling basis.**

There are three HUD-funded programs in New Hampshire that address lead hazards. There is our program, Nashua's program, and NHHFA's statewide program. The Manchester program handles properties located in Manchester, and Nashua handles Nashua properties. For properties located outside of Nashua or Manchester, contact NHFFA. Please note that while the programs have some similarities, there will also be differences based on the municipalities in which you are working. If you are an abatement contractor who plans to work in more than one of the NH lead programs, please become familiar with the policies and procedures that are specific to that program.