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Property Owners

Apply to The City of Manchester Lead and Healthy Homes Program

The City of Manchester currently runs a $5.59M HUD project to address lead hazards and $1.9M to address healthy homes hazards in the City of Manchester. We began enrolling new properties into our program in 2022 and 2023 respectively. We expect to enroll properties through September 2026.

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You can also download the application for Lead Hazard Reduction or for the Healthy Homes Program.

Is your property under a State Lead Order?

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Guidelines for ‘D.I.Y.’ Home Renovations

If your home or property was built before 1978, lead is still a serious health threat.

Individuals renovating, repairing or painting their own apartments, homes or windows should be following lead safe work practices as laid out in the EPA RRP rule.

Before you begin any remodeling or renovation, it is crucial to know that EVERYONE involved in the project must be familiar with lead-safe work practices. The MHI program deals only with licensed lead contractors who are trained to work safely with lead.

Property owners are required to disclose information to tenants about lead hazards

Tenants have the right to be informed of lead hazards before moving in.  Federal law:  Landlords and homeowners are required by the federal government to tell prospective tenants or buyers about any known lead hazards before they agree to rent or buy the property. This law only applies to buildings or houses built before 1978. Homeowners and landlords are not required by this law to inspect the property, only to make educational materials available, such as the “Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home”pamphlet and a disclosure form stating that lead hazards may exist and the locations of any already known.