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Looking to the future - changes in 2019

Lead Program Updates

Thanks to all whom have participated in the 3-year lead program which started in 2015. By this summer we will have made over 200 more Manchester homes "lead safe." We've got some initiatives under way that you may see in 2019:

  • We are moving towards a digital application process. This will be easier for most applicants, as the system will tell them immediately what they still need to provide. It will also support in-app language translations (we will maintain a paper application for those who need that option);
  • We are looking into aligning our Rehab and Lead program applications to ensure that applicants who may qualify for both types of funding will be able to receive that funding;
  • We are updating tracking methods for past projects, so queries about historical lead programs can be answered efficiently;
  • We are working with community partners to help ensure that lead screening rates for Manchester children improve year over year;
  • We are hoping that we will receive additional HUD funding in late 2018/early 2019. We have heard the owners who are hoping the per-unit subsidy will increase, so hopefully we will have news for you in a few months on that topic. 

If you are a Manchester property owner who has received a state lead order, always stay in touch directly with state DHHS. If you have a question about a lead program lien from Manchester, give us a call or email.

Our sister program in NHHFA may be able to assist you with lead abatement over summer 2018 while Manchester waits to hear about new HUD funding.