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Lead testing event in Manchester on Sat. Aug. 6, 10am-2pm, Sheridan-Emmett Park

Lead Program Updates
Public Health

The Lead Hazard Reduction Program at the City of Manchester will have a table at the One Day of Community event held annually at Sheridan-Emmett Park. This is a popular event for school-aged children, who will have access to free school supplies. Come see us between 10am-2pm on Saturday, August 6th.

The Lead Program will have educational materials, coloring books and magnets to give away. Please stop by if you would like to ask a question about the program, or to pick up a program application. Our HUD-funded program provides 0% interest, forgivable loans to repair lead hazards in housing units.

We will also scan items you bring to us on site, to determine if they contain unsafe levels of lead. The following items can be scanned on site:

  • Silverware, dishes, pottery, leaded crystal & glassware;
  • Decorative ceramics & china;
  • Imported kid's toys (Plastic, metal, painted) metal figurines, trophies;
  • Fishing tackle;
  • Empty imported food cans;
  • Adult or children's jewelry (must be taken off for scan);
  • Ornaments, decorations & Christmas lights;
  • Painted surfaces at least 6 inches across;
  • Animal hide rugs, blankets, hats or clothes;
  • Garden hose spigots or plumbing fixtures;
  • Keys;
  • Flyers & newsprint (look for ink that smudges on hands).

Please note that we cannot test for the following items on site: soil; artificial turf; paint chips or dust; cosmetics; food items; water; batteries; folk medicines.

If you are interested in having your under-six child screened for elevated blood lead levels, the Health Department will be at the event, and can take down your information to schedule a free appointment at a clinic.

Please do contact program staff with any questions.

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